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Levi Jazz Ferris BSc(Hons) MRCPod
Isabella Juriansz BSc(Hons) MRCPod   

Jennifer Juriansz DPodM MRCPod
Alan Juriansz MSc DPodM MRCPod 

The practitioners are all HCPC registered and have extensive experience of treating all foot and foot related problems.


Skin Disorders such as

Callouses - thick hard skin formed from pressure & friction

Hyperkeratosis - dry cracked skin on the sole of the foot

Corns - small thick lumps of concentrated callous. May be hard, soft or vascular and very painful

Verrucae - viral infections, a type of wart. We have several methods of treatment for verrucae

Ulceration - where there is a breakdown in the skin

Nail Disorders such as

Ingrowing toe nails - where the nail edge presses into the skin, often cutting through, causing swelling and infection

Fungal Nails - a type of athletes foot can spread to the nails causing discolouration and crumbling

Distorted nails - caused by damage to the nail bed and root, the nails can grow very thick and distorted

Foot Function Problems such as

Heel and Arch Pain like Plantar Fasciitis - often caused by strain on ligaments due to over pronation (flattening of the arch)

Weak Ankles - often caused by over supination (too high arches)

Shin, Knee, Hip and Low Back Pain - which may be caused by excessive rotation in the leg as a result of poor foot function

Painful joints - from arthritic conditions

Neuromas - from pinched nerves

Specialised Treatments include

- minor surgery under local anaesthetic for ingrowing toe nails and verrucae

- corticosteroid injections for painful joints, neuromas and plantar fasciitis

- gait analysis and assessment of foot function

- individually designed insoles and orthotics to improve foot function by controlling excessive pronation and supination

For more information on specific conditions see seperate pages


88 Heath Road, Twickenham, TW1 4BW


Opening hours

Monday         9am to 5.00pm
Tuesday        9am to 5.00pm
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Public Transport

Railway Stations: Strawberry Hill or Twickenham

Buses: 490; 110; 33; 267; 281; 290; R68; R70; H22


Holly Road Car Park

Visitors bays in nearby roads

Meters in Heath Road


Podiatry; Chiropody; Osteopathy

All our Podiatrists are HCPC registered and the Osteopaths registered with the GOC  which regulate their training and practice and provide professional indemnity insurance.

All the consulting rooms are on the ground floor.

The practice is within easy reach of Richmond; Teddington; Hampton Wick; Hampton Hill; Hampton; Whitton; Hanworth; Feltham; Hounslow; Isleworth and St Margarets

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