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Ingrowing Nails - Fungal nails - Distorted nails - Damaged, Broken nails

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Ingrowing Toe Nails


They occur when the edge of the nail cuts into the skin in the nail groove. It often bleeds and becomes inflammed as the skin tries to heal itself but as the nail edge is in the way the wound cannot close. Healing tissue (hypergranulation) can grow on top of the nail with the toe swelling and becoming infected.

Most ingrowing toe nails are caused by poor nail cutting or injury. A rough sharp edge is left in the groove which cuts into the skin as the nail grows. Close fitting shoes can make it worse pushing the nail edge further in.

Involuted nails, that is where the nail edge curls down into the groove causing pain by creating pressure in the groove and thereby a build up of callous sometimes forming a corn. They can also make ingrowing nails more likely.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the treatment for my two ingrowing toenails.

 I thought the surgery on the nail bed on the left foot had been less successful as, after I saw you a couple of weeks ago with ongoing pain in that toe and you removed lots of hard skin around that area, I had a lot of pain and throbbing for a day or so.  

However, it settled down and I am now pain free for the first time in five years.


Initial treatment involves cutting away the ingrowing edge or any callous or corns in the groove. The edge is then smoothed, relief is immediate though regular followup treatment is often necessary to keep the edges under control.

The clear the problem in the long term we can carry out a minor operation under local anaesthetic to remove the curved side of the nail permanently, cauterising that section of the nail root. It is a virtually painless procedure which cures the problem.

Fungal Nails


Fungal spores exist everywhere in the enviroment, so everyone is exposed to them at some time or other. They are very easily picked up in communal changing rooms. Which is why athletes foot is the common name for fungal infections.

Nail infection usually developes from athletes foot as the infection spreads to the nail.

Treatment for fungal nails

There are many over the counter treatments for fungal nails and they can work if used consistently but will take up to a year and a half depending on the severity of the infection. The problem with topical (surface) treatment is getting the antifungal medication into the nail bed where the infection developes. Penetrating the nail plate is very difficult. Oral treatments have potentially serious side effects and Lasers are very painful with little evidence of success.

Clearanail is an exciting new method of pentrating the nail plate allowing access to the nail bed for antifungal medication.

It is based on Controlled Micro Penetration which is a computor controlled system that enables the Podiatrist to safely make micro pathways through the nail allowing topical anti fungal medication access to the nail bed in far greater concentration than otherwise possible.

It is an entirely safe and simple method with virtually no pain or risk. Cross infection is prevented through use of a single use drill bit for each patient. 



Damaged Broken & Distorted Nails

The nail root and bed can be injured in many ways, from a sudden trauma such as stubbing your toe or dropping something on it, to repeated minor trauma from close fitting shoes.

If the injury is not severe, in time a new nail will grow out normally. However if the root is damaged the new nail will be deformed and may keep seperating from the bed. 

Treatment involves filing them down to a reasonable shape and where appropriate applying a resin to remodel the nail to achieve a good cosmetic result. It is very effective and can be maintained with occasional folowups

 I visited this practice today having finally decided to do something about my horrible toenails. It only took me 30yrs!

The staff were so friendly and helpful, even lending me £1 for the parking meter! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not have a chronic nail infection. They had grown abnormally as a result of injury. The nails were quickly clipped and tidied up and I am so delighted with the result!


Thank you so much and I highly recommend this practice. If you have problems with your toes or feet, don’t delay as I did and get treatment! Wonderful service



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