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My second visit today. This time with Isabella.  What a delightful young lady.  She had the challenge of not one but two ingrown toe nails. Her expertise meant I barely felt a thing!  Thank you so much! Hygiene was faultless, personal care and attention were exemplary.  I really don’t want to have to go back there if I can help it!! But would not hesitate to give this practice 100% recommendation. Thanks again!

Ruth Anderson

Dear Alan

I was seen by Eleanor yesterday and she was so caring I wanted to thank her for her treatment. I feel great today.

Olive France

I have had three deep corns, one under a hammer toe and two under my other foot for over 40 years and have had them treated by various Podiatrists over the years.
I was told about Isabella by a friend when my previous Podiatrist was off work so I couldn't see them.

I have seen Isabella twice and today I saw Eleanor, I am delighted with both of them, they didn't hurt me, were very caring and the best news of all is that two of my corns have disappeared since seeing Isabella. I cannot emphasise how great it feels, I want to shout it from the rooftops. It's just incredible.

The difference from my previous treatment is so great I wanted to tell you and the whole experience with you has made me very happy.
Ingrid Cooper

Just to say how pleased I was with your excellent service. Also special thanks to the young lady who saw me (Eleanor). Very efficient and courteous.

Many thanks

L. Williams

Dear Alan,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the treatment for my two ingrowing toenails.

 I thought the surgery on the nail bed on the left foot had been less successful as, after I saw you a couple of weeks ago with ongoing pain in that toe and you removed lots of hard skin around that area, I had a lot of pain and throbbing for a day or so.  

However, it settled down and I am now pain free for the first time in five years.

I now have to hope Isabella will have the same magic touch in relation to my Moretons Neuroma ! I will contact her shortly re a cortisone injection.

Grateful thanks for your expertise.

With best wishes,

Eve Lowen

Dear Isabella

Thanks so much, you've been so lovely throughout this toe saga.


Dear Isabella

I was so impressed with the practice when I came for my first appointment last Friday. Thank you for putting me at ease and resurrecting my feet. Thank you too for the laughter - it made my day!

Best wishes


Thanks for treating my daughter’s verrucas. The verrucas were removed in just two sessions using the freezing method. The lady chiropodist was fantastic with my daughter. She put her at her ease and the treatment was very successful. We would highly recommend this practise.

Kind Regards

Mrs L Drinkwater

I visited this practice today having finally decided to do something about my horrible toenails. It only took me 30yrs!

The staff were so friendly and helpful, even lending me £1 for the parking meter! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not have a chronic nail infection. They had grown abnormally as a result of injury. The nails were quickly clipped and tidied up and I am so delighted with the result!


Thank you so much and I highly recommend this practice. If you have problems with your toes or feet, don’t delay as I did and get treatment! Wonderful service


Sue Mountford

Hi Isabella,

Hope you had a lovely time at your cousin’s wedding. 

Just to say another Juriansz miracle seems to be happening ! I hope I am

not celebrating too early but, for the past ten days, I have not had any pain from my Morton’s Neuroma, no having to suddenly take my shoe off to relieve agony etc. 

So, if this carries on, I shall be so grateful for your help, I will stay in touch and update you. 

Best wishes


After having had a verruca for the last five years I have tried everything to get rid of it. I have tried having it frozen, I have tried depriving it of air by tape and nail varnish. 
By the time I visited Twickenham Health Care, the verruca now the size of a fifty pence piece was painful to walk on. 

I had Swift treatment on three occasions, it was painful but worth it. I am so delighted that I no longer have any sign of a verruca.

I cannot express my joy at finally being verruca free.

Congratulations to the Juriansz team.
Mrs C Boyle

I have been a patient for many years due to on-going nail problems that cause discomfort from time to time.

I would highly recommend Twickenham Health Care for all your foot needs and more recently I have started seeing the Osteopath who I would equally recommend.

Five stars all round.

Keep up the good work.

Mr D Mawson

Felt at ease and welcome on arrival. They were very helpful and I'm very satisfied with the treatment.

Mrs D Brandon

Always a friendly reception and professional treatment

Mr J. Woodford

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mrs J Thompson

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